Terms & Conditions

1. Company information
Insamlingsstiftelsen Help to Help, organisation number 802475-37, registered at address c/o Hjorth & Partners, Lager 46, Gotlandsgatan 46, 116 65 Stockholm is responsible for all donations made via this website. For information on how we handle personal data in line with GDPR, see paragraph 11 and our Privacy Policy here.

2. Description of service
The Help to Help website is a donation-based crowdfunding web platform with the purpose of enabling university education for young people in developing countries, primarily in East Africa.

The definition of the parties involved in the crowdfunding process via Help to Help’s website are:

A donor is an individual or a company who has decided to donate a chosen amount of money to Help to Help’s cause. In order to complete the donation the donor has to agree to these terms and conditions (see section 6 for more information).

A student is a student enrolled at a university or college in Tanzania, Uganda or Kenya who has been selected as a beneficiary of the Help to Help Scholarship Program. All students have a personal profile on the website displaying information which they have provided, including information about themselves and their university education.

Help to Help is a non-profit foundation that owns, runs and updates the crowdfunding platform and manages the organisation’s operations in East Africa including Help to Help Scholarship Program.

Help to Help raises funds and interacts with donors through the website. The crowdfunding process is aimed at being a personal experience between donors, Help to Help and the students, where donors can follow updates posted by the students. The donor may donate an optional amount by making a one-time donation or signing up for a recurring monthly donation.

A one-time donation can be allocated to a specific student of the donor’s choice or to students within a specific field of education, in which case Help to Help distributes the donation to support tuition fees for several students within that field. Donors may also choose to make a general donation to Help to Help. The general donation is not earmarked for students’ tuition fees, but will be used to fulfil the mission and objectives of Help to Help in general.

A monthly donation can be allocated to a specific field of education as mentioned above, but not to an individual student’s tuition fee. Donors who do not want to earmark their donation can choose to make a recurring general donation to Help to Help. For more information, see “Monthly donor” in section 4 below.

3. Payments
Help to Help utilizes two main external services in order to process donation payments, Mondido Payment Services and Trustly.
Mondido Payments AB is a Swedish secure electronic payment service provider for e-commerce. The credit/debit card information is always sent encrypted via SSL/TLS. All credit/debit card information is stored according to the card provider’s network rules around PCI, DSS, Level 1.

Trustly AB has a solution that allows donors to pay via direct bank. Trustly will set up a safe connection with your online bank and you can pay quickly and safe without leaving this website. Read more about the services on their websites www.mondido.com and www.trustly.com.

Our supported payment methods are: credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Unionpay) Direct Bank via mobile bank-ID (support in most EU countries) and Swish E-commerce.

We currently accept donations in the following currencies: SEK, USD, EUR, DKK and NOK.

Help to Help does not store any payment data such as credit card details. All information related to payments is safely stored by Mondido and Trustly.

4. Monthly donor
A monthly donor is a donor who donates a fixed amount every month. This means that the funds are withdrawn or transferred to Help to Help on a monthly basis. The method used to transfer funds depends on the payment method chosen by the donor upon becoming a monthly donor. The preferred payment method for monthly donors is Direct Bank, but recurring donations via credit or debit card are possible. Monthly donors may not use one-time payment methods such as Swish. For more information about payment methods, see “Payment methods” in section 2.

The amount donated via monthly donations will not be attributed to a specific student, but rather distributed between several Help to Help students either within the field of education chosen by the monthly donor. If the monthly donation is a general donation, it will be used to fulfil the mission and objectives of Help to Help in general.

The first donation will be processed and transferred to Help to Help on the same day the donor signed up for a recurring monthly donation. For the coming months, the donation will be made on a specific date, the billing date, which is the same for all monthly donors. This date is the 28th of each month. The billing date will be the same date every month, no matter when the donor signed up as a monthly donor.

A monthly donor may choose to change the donation amount by sending an email to info@helptohelp.se requesting the amount to be changed. The email shall be sent from the same email address as the one the donor signed up with.

5. Cancellation of recurring donations
A donor may choose to cancel the monthly donation at any time by contacting Help to Help through email: info@helptohelp.se. The cancellation will be effective from the date Help to Help receives the request from the donor.

6. Transaction management
Help to Help transfers the tuition fees for students twice a year, on a semester basis, directly to the respective universities. Help to Help will only transfer money to the university account if the student has provided all required documentation on time.

The money donated by the donor to Help to Help will be transferred by Help to Help to the respective university account in the name of the student that receives the sponsorship. Student tuition fees are only transferred and paid at time of university course enrolment, which is usually between August to October and January to March each year.

Help to Help works closely with banks in Sweden and with the management and administration at the universities in the respective countries, in order to ensure that all transactions are handled correctly.

7. Refunding policy
Help to Help generally does not refund donations. In case a student does not complete his or her education or is declined further support from Help to Help, we reserve the right to use the donated money to cover tuition fees for other students chosen by Help to Help.

8. Students
All students who are accepted to Help to Help Scholarship Program and thereby receive sponsorship will get their profile uploaded on the website. Prior to being accepted to the program and published on the website, all students must sign an agreement with Help to Help. If a student does not follow the agreement the student will not receive any more sponsorship from Help to Help and will be removed from the website. Help to Help uses rigorous frameworks to evaluate all students. Every student who has been accepted to Help to Help Scholarship Program have been carefully selected through interviews and written applications.

9. Donors
The donor is solely liable for the use of the services and any decision to sponsor a student or students within a field of education. The donor is aware that the students may face obstacles to complete their studies (illness, governmental action, severe weather conditions, sabotage, strike, war, accidents, family issues).

Help to Help may cease the donations and the donor’s access to the service by written notice to the provided email address with immediate effect if the donor commits a material breach of this agreement.

10. Help to Help’s liability
Help to Help does not grant any warranties, expressed or implied or otherwise, as to the accessibility, quality, suitability or accuracy of the website. There are situations when the services will not be accessible, including but not limited to, necessary maintenance and circumstances outside the control of Help to Help, such as net access failure, for which Help to Help shall not be liable.

11. Change of terms and conditions
Help to Help has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions in which case donors shall be given clear notice on the website or by email to the provided email address.

12. Rules of conduct
Help to Help reserves the right to cancel the donation of and limit the access to the website for any donor who breaks any of the rules of conduct.

As a donor you agree and warrant that you will not (and will not permit any third party to):
• use the website and/or the service to transfer or upload files or other content that contains viruses, corrupted data, malicious software or other programs that may harm computers or other property;
• use the website and/or the service to defame, harass, discriminate or threaten another person/company or in any other way violate rights, distribute or reproduce all or any part of the website or the service, alter, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any part of the website or the service, unless explicitly permitted by mandatory law;
• use software that reads data on the website or the service automatically;
• use the website and/or the service to request or encourage other users to breach any provision of this agreement;
• abuse the website or the service or use it for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose (which includes transmitting any computer viruses through the website, or using the website and/or the service in a manner which violates or infringes the rights of anyone else).

13. Personal Data Act
The use of this service is related to the storing of personal data. We are treating all personal data in accordance with GDPR. As you donate to Help to Help you agree that we store and handle your personal data. We store the data that is necessary to fulfil the agreement with you and the data needed to manage our operations. According to GDPR you have the right to access the information we have stored about you. Would that information be irrelevant, wrong or insufficient, you may request us to correct, limit or delete it, which we will do to the extent we have the legal right to do so. Read more about how Help to Help collects, stores and manages data in our Privacy Policy here.

14. Governing law and disputes
This agreement, and any non-contractual obligation arising out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with Swedish laws without regard to its conflict of law rules.